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Cleaners sued for "losing" Judge's favorite pants wins case-by Eli

In one of the most outrageous examples of an attorney going overboard by suing a dry cleaners in the Washington DC area for $54 Million dollars for losing his favorite pants, a court has ruled against the attorney and he must pay court costs for the defendants, the Chungs who own Custom Cleaners.

Hip Hip Hooray for Custom Cleaners.

The Brand Man has always been an advocate for the consumer but within what's fair and reasonable. In my book, Let The Seller Beware, I repeatedly counsel wronged consumers to only seek redress that is just relative to the nature and scope of the complaint at hand. The Chungs at one point offered upwards of $15,000 (a huge sum relative to the cost of replacing the pants) to the plaintiff but it was refused without consideration.

This is a case where an overzealous lawyer, Roy L. Pearson, (who is also a Judge) loss sight of the issue and went for his 15 minutes of fame in my opinion, despite the Chungs repeated and more than generous efforts to resolve the matter. Mr. Pearson did more to damage the legal profession (he comes off as greedy, selfish, uncaring)than address the consumer satisfaction laws he proclaimed his was defending.

This is a great example why many businesses and professional service companies do not wish to do business with ANY lawyers, because they fear these people will sue for any reason what so ever. Sad, very sad.

Mr. Pearson should not only be liable for the Chung's legal expenses, but also for the pain and suffering he unduly caused them for his actions and behavior that was without justification.

Watching out for you everyday.



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I can not agree with you more. Mr. Pearson comes of greedy and stupid. First he lost his pants, then he lost his case. Now, he is standing naked in his suit in front of the world.

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