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Trendy Pinkberry "yogurt" brand comes under fire by California regulators: Is it really yogurt?-by Eli

Pinkberry the "uber-trendy"dessert brand is under fire. The brand which originated in West Hollywood, California and is now expanding throughout LA and New York, may not be yogurt after all but a yogurt-like paste that when mixed with water "appears" to be a frozen yogurt product.

An LA resident has brought a civil suit in Los Angeles against the company claiming the product is not really yogurt and that the company is misleading its (very) loyal customers by proclaiming the product is very healthy yogurt.

Apparently the production process of the dessert fails to meet California Department of Food and Agriculture regulations and for the short term Pinkberry has stopped calling its product yogurt.

The brand has to this point positioned itself as the "most" healthy frozen yogurt on the market but if it doesn't have a bacteria component (to be called "yogurt") it will simply have to be re-branded as an uber-dessert. (Personally, I am not a fan of the taste..its kind of sour...the fruit toppings "help" it taste better IMO...but I eat it because it is supposedly healthy and I admit it...its a cool marketed).

Why the uproar? Pinkberry is an amazing success serving over 3000 people a day per location with devotees driving as much as an hour and waiting in line (with security guards at some locations mind you) and risking parking tickets in some locations.... another 15 to 30 minutes to buy the frozen concoction. Pinkberry's success has spawned numerous competitors in LA all using similar names like Kiwiberry and Roseberry.

To better understand their story go to the Pinkberry website. It's a trip.

Watching out for you everyday.



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